BBF Webinar Series

The Broadband Forum User Services Platform
unlocking the potential of the connected home

Wednesday February 28th 2018, 8am PST, 11 am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET


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As mentioned on the webinar, the slides presented are now available:
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About User Services Platform (USP)

USP is the Broadband Forum's integrated, standardized way to implement, deploy and manage all aspects of customer consumer electronics, IoT and computing resources and security. It addresses the challenges of interworking of a plethora of proprietary consumer electronics, IoT and home networking solutions. It builds on the Forum's vast experience gained from more than 800 million Internet subscriber deployments of the BBF's well-known TR-069 (CPE Wan Management) protocol and its data models.

This standardized approach allows a vast number of suppliers to integrate their products into provider service offerings and gives service providers the freedom to add the services to their customers. USP use cases address single connected home, multi-dwelling and multi-tenant business premises.

The webinar and why it's important

The webinar introduces service providers to the benefits and technical scope of the work and with a view to implement new USP services that can unlock large-scale revenues. For equipment manufacturers looking to implement USP for their service provider customers, it will be an opportunity get first-hand information on USP's unifying protocol for managing, monitoring and controlling connected devices.

The webinar: why now?

This is an exclusive preview of the BBF's new User Services Platform being published March 2018, given by the leaders of the project. It will also provide breaking news on the USP plugfest scheduled to complete prior to the webinar. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions of the authors.

This new USP work from the BBF may be the biggest thing in the industry since, well, TR-069. You are strongly urged not to miss this event.

Who should attend?

More than 3000 service providers worldwide, network, consumer electronic and IoT device equipment manufacturers, software providers and systems integrators looking to unlock the potential for smart home and IoT services.